EarthworksOne - Powerful, Integrated, Modular

Powerful, Integrated, Modular

EarthworksOne is designed to be a complete management and automation platform for earthworks industries. Its powerful, integrated functions and features combined with a modular structure allows us to customize the system to suit the unique requirements of every individual client.

Whether you need equipment management and maintenance, safety compliance, labour hour tracking and payroll, project management or a complete corporate ERP, EarthworksOne can deliver the exact solution you require for your business.

The Perfect Earthworks Management Platform

The EarthworksOne platform is a cloud based system designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the earthworks industries, from excavating and trenching to piling and paving. From medium sized contractors to enterprise level firms, the platform provides a complete suite of functions, features and tools required to manage, operate and administer the entire business from the field to the back office.

Five main modules and over 17 sub modules, the system can be configured to suit the needs of any company. In addition, each module can be fully customized and still retain complete integration with all other modules, functions and features across the platform.

EarthworksOne - The Perfect Earthworks Management Platform

All the Functions and Features

The EarthworksOne platform is a complete management platform which includes all the functions and features by the earthworks sector to manage every aspect of the business from estimating and sales through to projects, equipment, materials, labour, safety and much more. New functions and features are being continually researched, developed and integrated to make the platform even more powerful. And if there a function or feature you need, we can custom build it to your specifications.

EarthworksOne - Project Management
Project Management
EarthworksOne - Digital Forms and Records
Digital Forms and Records
EarthworksOne - Document Management
Document Management
EarthworksOne - Employee Scheduling
Employee Scheduling
EarthworksOne - HR Management
HR Management
EarthworksOne - Employee Onboarding
Employee Onboarding
EarthworksOne - Training and Orientation
Training and Orientation
EarthworksOne - Resource Assignments
Resource Assignments
EarthworksOne - Quality Control
Quality Control
EarthworksOne - Active Dashboards
Active Dashboards
EarthworksOne - Mobile Timecard
Mobile Timecard
EarthworksOne - Estimating and Sales
Estimating and Sales
EarthworksOne - Custom Invoicing
Custom Invoicing
EarthworksOne - Client Management
Client Management
EarthworksOne - Materials and Supplies
Materials and Supplies
EarthworksOne - Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
EarthworksOne - Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
EarthworksOne - Accounting Integration
Accounting Integration
EarthworksOne - Equipment Management
Equipment Management
EarthworksOne - Safety and Compliance
Safety and Compliance
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EarthworksOne - Fully Customized for a Perfect Fit

Fully Customized for a Perfect Fit

Every business is unique and no matter how good a software system may be, there are no systems that are a perfect fit for your specific business, structure, management, workflow, operations and requirements. Based on this principle, we designed and developed EarthworksOne to be fully customized to the specific requirements of every individual business.

We start by conducting an indepth assessment and discovery of the business in terms of its organization structure, operational workflow, management style, administrative processes, business procedures and more. In addition, our project managers develop a relationship with management and staff to enable and ensure cooperation and coordination.

By combining the knowledge of the business, the objectives and the requirements along with the functionality of the platform as well as the experience and expertise of the project management team, we are able to fully customize EarthworksOne to be a perfect fit for every client.

Beyond The Platform

A software system is just a tool. No matter how powerful the system may be or how many features a system has, its still just a tool. In order to fully utilize the benefits and functionality of a system, you need the human factor and thats where EarthworksOne truly excels and where we can boast no client turnover since inception.

Since the very beginning, we have provided an industry leading hand-on experience as an integrated part of the system. Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager who gains indepth knowledge of the business and operations, understand the objectives and builds trust with management and staff to ensure long term success.

Our team of experienced consultants, analysts, designers, programmers and support staff, will provide a comprehensive service set from initial discovery and consultation through to solutions design and architecture, system deployment and training and ongoing service and support.

EarthworksOne - Beyond the Platform