EarthworksOne - More than a Software Platform

More than a Software Platform

EarthworksOne is more than just a software platform. Our dedication to client service support is what makes EarthworksOne an industry leading management and automation solution. From initial consultation through to customization, deployment, training and support, you have the dedication, focus, experience and expertise of an entire team led by your dedicated project manager.

Complex enterprise management software such as EarthworksOne is much more than just software, it must be a complete solution set. The software itself is just one part of the solution which must also include dedicated service, support, planning, consultation, training and much more.

EarthworksOne - Consulting and Planning

Consulting and Planning

Your team of consultants, analysts and project managers will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your organization, structure, management, operations, administrations, workflow, processes and objectives in order to design, develop, and implement a fully customized management and automation solution that's a perfect fit based on your specific requirements.

EarthworksOne - Business Automation Solutions

Business Automation Solutions

The purpose of business automation is to lower costs, increase productivity, streamline workflow and improve overall management control. A major feature of the EarthworksOne solution set lies in its powerful and integrated business automation functionalities. From simple processes to complex procedures, EarthworksOne can help automate and streamline your entire business.

EarthworksOne - Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Businesses today must adapt, evolve and transform to the digital economy in order to remain competitive. We help businesses with their digital transformation by using EarthworksOne as the transformative core and then developing, customizing and implementing other digital transformation technologies such as cloud computing, web based services, management software, business automation and more.

EarthworksOne - Customized Platforms

Customized Platforms

Combining our experience and expertise with the information and objectives gathered by the project management and consulting tea, we will fully customize the EarthworksOne platform to perfectly suit your specific business, needs and requirements. Every aspects of the system from forms and documents to entire modules and even new function can be customized to your specifications.

EarthworksOne - Paperless Operations

Paperless Operations

Due to the immediate ROI, a common starting point for many businesses is to eliminate paperwork, as paperwork, forms, records, data entry, and reports are some of the most time consuming and costly tasks within every business. The objective would be to eliminate the paperwork by digitizing forms and records, streamline data entry, centralizing the data, and providing live reports and updates.

EarthworksOne - Custom Management Software

Custom Management Software

In addition to the EarthworksOne platform, we can also work with your management and staff to design, develop and implement custom management software and applications based on your organization, management, operations and requirements. A modular development method offers a flexible and accessible approach to developing a fully integrated custom management software system.

EarthworksOne - Custom ERP Systems

Custom ERP Systems

EarthworksOne is a complete ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system which is a fully integrated management software system designed to manage every aspects of a business from sales and marketing to production and operations, all the way through to human resources, accounting and more. Custom ERP systems are powerful management tools and suited for Mid to Enterprise level organizations.

EarthworksOne - Management and Support

Management and Support

Once a software system such as EarthworksOne has been implemented and integrated, the system will need to be deployed across the organization including setup, training and support. Ongoing maintenance, updates, management and technical support will also be required to ensure the long term success of the system. Your dedicated team will provided hands-on service and support.

EarthworksOne - Software Integration

Software Integration

Some of the more challenging aspects of software system procurement lies in the installation, configuration, customization and integration with other systems as well as its organizational deployment and user training. We provide the necessary technical resources and expertise as well as the project management experience necessary for successful systems integration projects.